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Deep Bed Sand Filter

Deep Bed Sand Filter has the maximum operating pressure upto 600 KPA. Specifically designed distribution system ensures consistent and smooth water flow. Apart from silicon, active carbon, soft water resin, lean water resin and nitrate selectable resin can be used for filtration media.

Special Features
  • Maximum working pressure up to 600 KPA
  • Uniquely designed distribution system makes a stable and efficient water flow
  • Besides silicon sand, filtration media can use other materials as well
    • Active Carbon: for filtering away odor and organic compound
    • Soft water resin: for softening and filtering away the minerals
    • Lean water resin: for filtering away organic compound color, fluoride and algae
    • Nitrate selectable resin: for fleshing the fishpond

Model No
Tank Dia
Valve Port Size (mm) Filter area
Silica Sand
Design Flow Gross Weight
Package Sizes
Package Type

    (mm.) (mm.) inch mm (m2) (kg) Ipm M3/h (kg) (cm) (material)    
DS47 D11250 250 1100 1” 32 0.05 100 26 1.56 16.5 30X30X115 Master Carton 285/600/680 Ask for Price
DS48 D11300 300 1100 1” 32 0.07 120 42 2.52 21.1 35X35X125 Master Carton 192/408/454 Ask for Price
DS49 D11350 350 1100 1” 32 0.1 135 58 3.48 24.3 40X40X125 Master Carton 115/246/300 Ask for Price
DS50 D11400 400 1100 1” 32 0.13 170 75 4.5 33 45X45X125 Master Carton 116/233/270 Ask for Price
DS51 D13250 250 1300 1” 32 0.06 118 28 1.68 33 30X30X135 Master Carton 226/478/545 Ask for Price
DS52 D13300 300 1300 1” 32 0.08 131 46 2.76 41.5 35X35X135 Master Carton 152/312/363 Ask for Price
DS53 D13350 350 1300 1” 32 0.11 147 64 3.84 52.3 40X40X135 Master Carton 114/244/292 Ask for Price
DS54 D13400 400 1300 1” 32 0.14 185 82 4.92 95 45X45X135 Master Carton 107/214/214 Ask for Price


Bio filter is the efficient medium that helps in purification of pond water by eliminating the waste created by fish. It also convert diluted toxic nitrogenous waste to nontoxic compounds. Filter tank carries out the fish faces and leftover food and sanitize the water by microorganism called filtering bacteria. Further, the purified water is sent back to the pond and the process is known as circulation filtration. These filters are smaller in size and simpler to clean when compared with other pond filters.

The various special Bio filter medias are required for, Biological filter as under :-
  • Bio logical filter Ma t- This Filter Mat provides an ideal surface to hold nitrifying
    bacteria , which changes toxic ammonia and nitrates into harmless Nitrates.
  • Activated Carbon :- It take care of chemical impurities .
  • Silica Sand :-it provides fine filtration to remove dust and physical impurities .
Bio Filter Size (MM) UV Pump (Tsurumi) MAT
(1000 x 2000 x 38) mm 
Mainfan Stone Corol Sand Activated Carbon ZeoLite  
2070 X 860 X 1320 20W X 2 150 W 3 Sheet 20 Kg 50 Kg 50 Kg 10 Kg Ask for Price
1140 X 630 X 1010 15W X 2 150 W 1 Sheet 10 Kg 25 Kg 25 Kg 8 Kg Ask for Price
1040 X 640 X800 15W X 1 100 W 1 Sheet 10 Kg 25 Kg 25 Kg 5 Kg Ask for Price

Multiport Valve & Accessories

Specifically designed for high working pressure and superior performance, Multiport Valve & Accessories are connected with PVC pipes. For complete convenience the upper and side mount designs with 2” (63mm) and 1.5” (50mm) unions are used for a variety of connections.

Special Features
  • 100% water leakage, pressure and performance tested
  • Action handle with durable level
  • Unions offered in Imperial or Metric standard
  • 6 position, positive-lock operation provides access to a full range of filtration.
  • Sight glass included (MPV’s)
  • Oil pressure gauge included
  • 3 Unions offered in Imperial or Metric standard
Multiport Valve (Six Position)
  1. FILTER (Normal Filtration and Vacuuming).
  2. BACKWASH (Cleaning Filter by reversing theflow).
  3. RINSE (Use after backwash to flush dirt from valve).
  4. WASTE (By-passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste or lowering water level).
  5. RECIRCULATE (By-passes filter for circulating water to pool).
  6. CLOSED (Shuts off all flow to filter or Pool).



Pool Cover Buyer in Alibag

Date 05 Oct 2012India India

I am happy to inform you that I was at Alibaug for last three days and have seen the pool cover. It has been fitted out very well and it is extremely convenient to roll it and unroll it.


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